Production Update: The Green Mysteries

Production Update: The Green Mysteries

Press proofs for The Green Mysteries have arrived and are of excellent quality. We are pleased to have secured the elusive paper stock that so large and complex a book requires, and the extra expense in producing the 16-page offset proofs was well worth it. Although producing a proof plate is a step many publishers avoid because of cost, all press equipment is calibrated differently, and where print quality must be top-notch it is essential. As we head into the Christmas season, please be advised that the standard hardcover and paperback versions will be released the week ending January 6, 2018. There is a chance the books may arrive earlier, but we are adding a week to the revised schedule to account for the inevitable congestion on press around the holidays. We thank our customers, especially those that have long had this title in pre-order status, for their patience.


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