The Afflicted Mirror Has Arrived

The Afflicted Mirror Has Arrived

Standard hardcover copies of Peter Hamilton-Giles new book The Afflicted Mirror, are now shipping to all who ordered. The deluxe and special editions of this title are currently at the bindery, to ship in mid to late November. The Afflicted Mirror is illustrated by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles with many haunting images apropos its subject, and concerns the distortion of form as a magical rubric of spirit-presence. The themes of the book are discussed in a recent interview with Mr. Hamilton-Giles, conducted by Daniel A. Schulke. Congratulations, Peter and Carolyn, for contributing with another potent and beautiful magical treatise to our literary catalogue.

Those who were not able to order a special full turquoise leather edition of The Afflicted Mirror during our pre-order season are asked to contact Alan or Patricia at, as a few unsubscribed copies remain.

Deluxe scarlet leather editions of Fredrik Eytzinger’s recent book Salomonic Magical Arts arrive today and will begin shipping on Monday, October 21. The title Idolatry Restor’d is delayed until late November due to a paper shortage at the mill.


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