Adrienne Rozzi

Based in Western Pennsylvania, Adrienne Rozzi is an artist, illustrator, printmaker, and magical practitioner dedicated to honoring the multi-faceted archetype of the Witch. Her original illustrations carry an air of old-world nostalgia, and are stylistically influenced by antique woodcuts, folk art, and European grimoires. In addition to her portrayals of witchcraft, Rozzi also draws inspiration from poisonous plants, occult iconography, chthonic mythology, and various historical art movements of the 19th century to the present. For nearly 13 years, she has directed Poison Apple Printshop, a one-woman printery showcasing her illustrations through an array of hand-printed artwork and goods. Rozzi is the illustrator of Lexicon Lamiarum: A Lexicon of Witchcraft, scheduled for release by Three Hands Press in Autumn 2023. She holds degrees in Printmaking, Studio Art, Art History, and Film Studies.