Calendar of Forthcoming Titles

Updated 19 March, 2023

Below are the latest changes to our press calendar. More information on new releases this Spring and Summer will be added as projects progress. For information on The Green Mysteries or Witch-Ikon, please scroll down.

THE GREEN MYSTERIES, general release
By Daniel A. Schulke
Updated release date: 21 March, 2023
Hardcover and softcover editions of The Green Mysteries will be released March 21, 2023 and begin shipping to customers in the sequence in which orders were received. Shipping of these editions will begin March 27 and continue through April 14. Special and deluxe editions will follow in 1–2 months’ time after hand-binding. For more detailed information on this books release, please go here.

Updated release date: 25 August, 2023
Pre-orders for standard hardcover and softcover versions of Witch-Ikon will be shipped in their entirety by September 4. Special editions will follow 5–8 weeks thereafter.