Scribes in Service of the Mysteries

Three Hands Press, a sister publishing house of Xoanon Publishing, was conceived in Summer 2003 as a joint venture between Andrew Chumbley, Daniel Schulke, and an anonymous third party. Its name refers in part to the threefold actuating force of author, publisher, and the animating spirit of a book. This triune power is the quintessence of the reifying textual force, and aptly glyphs our regard of the Magical Book as sentient manifestations of the Logos.

Dually-born of vision and epiphany, Three Hands arose in consideration of the body of essays, academic works, and other writings beyond the intent and scope of Xoanon, but common to its corpus of authors. Thus the need was recognised for a textual vessel serving the varied concerns of these separate works, with the additional benefit of Xoanon’s publishing ethos. Because of the high magical calibre of Xoanon’s textual corpus, as well as the loyalty and good faith of its long-time patrons, our endeavour has assumed wings and taken flight.

In the few years since its inception, Three Hands Press has steadily built a corpus of magical work which has embodied its founding motto Scribae quo Mysterium Famulatur. The primary foci of our books are magic, divination, folklore, folk-religion, magical history, and mysticism, often written from the twofold perspective of scholar and practitioner. As with Xoanon, Three Hands Press maintains its ongoing commitment to textual integrity, artful design, quality craftsmanship, and the ingenium of fascination which gives rise to the Book of Power. We look forward to the continuing privilege of bringing the twenty-first century’s most creative occult thinkers to print.