Three Hands Press maintains a commitment to publishing titles of interest for the discriminating reader of esoterica, whether it be magical history, comparative religion, folklore or occult titles such as books of charms, spells, and magical operations. Subjects treated include folk magic, witchcraft, charming, ancient religion, magical philosophy, ceremonial magic, herbalism, European grimoires, shamanism, and kindred disciplines. We equally uphold an ethos of working closely with our authors and artists in order to achieve the highest possible execution of vision, in both content and design.

Three Hands Press does not often accept unsolicited material; however, we recognize that there exist relevant authors and artists in unique situations. In this light, we have chosen to provide the opportunity for correspondence to those whose work upholds and vivifies the commitment of Three Hands Press.

Authors and artists wishing to inquire about current acquisitions should write and include a letter of introduction, a formal Curriculum Vitae, and a brief description of the work offered.

Our interest is in work that avoids the derivative and instead exemplifies the fruits of distinguished labor and unique insight. Potential contributors should note that our expectations are high and our readership refined. Your work, both in topic and delivery, should reflect the esteem in which we hold our audience. Artists should be in possession of a striking, original, and cohesive body of work.

Please do not contact us about the status of your submission. If your work is deemed of interest for publication, you will be contacted.