Three Hands Press Author

Amodali is a magical practitioner, artist, musician and writer from Lancashire in the North of England specializing in research on the sexual mysteries of Babalon and the metaphysics and phenomenology of female occult anatomy. Her multidisciplinary body of work has manifested internationally for over 25 years through ritual perfrmances, music, art exhibitions and magical research undertaken under the auspices of ‘Incarnadine Temple’. In recent years, Amodali has given talks on the magic of Babalon at events such as the ‘Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness’ Lecture series in London and the Esoteric Book Conference in the United States. The originality and rigor of her work can be seen in such writings ‘The Garments of Galvah.’ Her forthcoming book The Marks of Teth will be published by Three Hands Press in 2020.