Madeleine Le Despencer

Three Hands Press Author

Madeleine Le Despencer is a visual artist and author living in London, England. Her research and practice are focused on sodalities of heretical Catholicism, devotional Diabolism, and Gnostic Revival in fin de siècle France. For the past several years she has been deeply involved in the research and restoration of the life and work of Abbé Joseph-Antoine Boullan, the defrocked Roman Catholic clergyman, Luciferian Gnostic priest and accused Satanist. Boullan’s unveiling of the erotic mysteries of Catholicism inspired J.K. Huysmans’ novel, La Bas. She hopes that by elucidating his oeuvre she may carry on his legacy and unfold the mysteries of his transgressive spirituality for modern readers. Her essay ‘Lucifer in La Ville-Lumière’ appears in our Luciferian anthology The Luminous Stone (2016), and her first full-length book, Le Catholicisme Noir – The Devotional Blasphemies of Abbé Joseph-Antoine Boullan, will be published by Three Hands Press in late 2019. Follow Madeleine’s blog at LEDESPENCER.COM.