Andrew D. Chumbley

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ANDREW D. CHUMBLEY (1967-2004) was a British author, scholar, and magical practitioner. His first book was Azoëtia, published in 1992 by Xoanon Publishing. The book was a highly original vision of the traditions of Essex and Welsh witchcraft he had been initiated into, which he subsequently named ‘Sabbatic Craft’ because of their preservation of lore and rituals relating to the medieval Witches’ Sabbat. His second book Qutub, (1995), concerned the power of the Opposer and Crooked Path Sorcery, a term Chumbley advanced to describe the transgressive ethos underlying traditional systems of magic integrating right and left-hand path ritual disciplines. In 1999 he wrote One: The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, published by Xoanon in 2000, a personal account of the Toad-bone rituals of East Anglia and other British counties. Additionally, his articles appeared in a number of occult periodicals from 1990-2004. Mr. Chumbley was also, at the time of his death, a PhD candidate at SOAS, University of London, studying dream-incubation ritual in the ancient Near East.