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MICHAEL HOWARD lives in England and is a writer, researcher, magazine publisher and editor, and member of the Folklore Society. As a writer and editor, his career began in 1974 when he launched the esoteric magazine Spectrum featuring articles on a wide range of occult subjects. This ceased publication after ten issues in 1976, when he inaugurated the witchcraft magazine The Cauldron, which celebrated 35 years of publication in 2011. In the early 1970s he also began contributing feature articles and book reviews to the US magazine Fate and the British astrological journal Prediction. In 1975, his first book on candle magic was published. Since then he has written thirty books on the runes, folklore, herbal remedies, faerie lore, traditional witchcraft, Earth Mysteries and the Luciferian tradition. He has also edited books by E.W. Liddell on the Pickingill Craft, and by Evan John Jones on the Robert Cochrane tradition.

Michael Howard is currently writing of books for Three Hands Press on historical witches and cunning-folk in Wales, the West Country, Scotland and East Anglia. These include Welsh Witches and Wizards (2009), West Country Witches (2010), and Scottish Witches and Warlocks (2013).

He is also the author of Children of Cain, which details the history and nature of Traditional Witchcraft in Britain and North America.