Dale Pendell

Three Hands Press Author

Dale Pendell (1947–2018) a poet, author and artist from Northern California. He is best known for his trilogy of works Pharmako/Poeia (1995), Pharmako/Dynamis (2002), and Pharmako/Gnosis (2006), an in depth study of the shamanic and pharmacological virtues of psychoactive plants. His poetry is widely anthologized, most recently in The Wisdom Book of American Buddhist Poetry. Walking With Nobby: Conversations with Norman O. Brown was published in early 2008. His first book for Three Hands Press is The Language of Birds: Some Notes on Chance and Divination. Most recently Dale’s work has appeared in Clavis: Occult Arts, Letters and Experience vol. 4, and Inverness Almanac 4. Additional titles from Dale at Three Hands Press are forthcoming.