Liv Rainey-Smith

Three Hands Press Artist

Artist Liv Rainey-Smith specializes in hand-pulled woodcut prints. Her bold figure-oriented imagery draws upon visions from Enochian and Qlippothic magic, Gnosticism, nightmares, history and fiction. Rainey-Smith’s process incorporates a mixture of traditional and modern tools as well as a blend of European and Japanese printmaking technique. She prints primarily in small editions on both paper and parchment.

Liv’s evocative images form the primary visual component of Arcanum Bestiarum by Robert Fitzgerald. This occult bestiary contains over 50 original images of animals and fantastic beasts, specially commissioned for this exciting work. Liv’s artwork also appears on the cover and frontispiece of Michael Howard’s Children of Cain, and an original full color icon of Babalon appears in A Rose Veiled in Black. Liv’s work will be featured in a forthcoming occult herbal by Radomir Ristic, which on a future project for Three Hands Press which contains more than 40 original woodcut images.

Born in Moab, Utah, Liv currently resides in Portland, Oregon.