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Benjamin Vierling:The Green Mysteries

Benjamin Vierling: The Green Mysteries


The epic volume of occult herbalism The Green Mysteries featured the largest body of original occult plant imagery in the twenty-first century. The work of celebrated artist Benjamin A. Vierling, each image was the product of countless hours of research, origination and execution, as well as conceptual collaboration with the book’s author Daniel A. Schulke. These drawings relied as much on the inspiration born of the plants’ character as botanical accuracy, the result being an illuminant and cohesive set of images embodying the book’s arcane animism.

This holiday season we are pleased to offer six original images from The Green Mysteries corpus for sale to our CONVIVIUM customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. For occult art collectors and fans of the book alike, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase an original Vierling work, which is seldom for sale outside major exhibitions. All original Green Mysteries images for sale are signed and unframed, and are accompanied by a Three Hands Gallery receipt stating provenance. Dimensions given are the actual paper size, actual image coverage may vary. Prices listed do not include postage, which is calculated at point of sale based on address.

1. Harvesting the Mandrake. 12” x 15”. Pen, ink, watercolor, gouache on toned paper. 2016. ($1750)

2. Date Palm. 9” x 12”. Pen and ink on paper. 2016. ($750)

3. Asafoetida. 9” x 12”. Pena and ink on paper. 2012. ($750)

4. Henna. 9” x 12” Pen and ink on paper. 2016. ($600)

5. Male Fern. 9” x 12”. Pen and ink on paper. 2015. ($600)

6. ‘Book’ Triangular Ornament. 9” x 12”. Pen and ink on paper. 2017. ($500)



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