Auspices 10

Official Prospectus of Three Hands Press

Auspices 10


Auspices is the limited edition printed prospectus of Three Hands Press, the current issues of which are free with all orders shipped, while supplies last. Published several times annually, it contains author articles, interviews, and original images from upcoming books. Ranging from 8-24 pages per volume, it is printed in full color on coated stock and ranges between 300 and 800 copies. Volumes I-IX of Auspices are out of print and no longer available.

Auspices Volume 10, released July 2021, features Corinne Boyer's short article "A Dangerous Shadow: On the nature of Ill-Omened Plants" and is accompanied by the original artwork of Peter Köhler. Auspices 10 is 8 pages, full color, limited to 750 copies in total.

Auspices 10 is also available as a stand-alone purchase if you wish to buy it separately. The cost includes postage, shipped to any destination.




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