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Auspices 6
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Auspices is the limited edition printed prospectus of Three Hands Press, the current issues of which are free with all orders shipped, while supplies last. Published quarterly, it contains author articles, interviews, and original images from our artists for upcoming books. Some of its featured material is also available online, but most is not, being exclusive content. Ranging from 12-20 pages per volume, it is printed in full color on coated stock and ranges between 300 and 800 copies. Volumes 1-5 of Auspices are out of print and no longer available.

Auspices Volume  6, featuring an in-depth look at artist Benjamin A. Vierling and his original artwork for Daniel A. Schulke’s forthcoming book The Green Mysteries, has just been released.  16 pages, full color, limited to 450 copies in total.

Auspices 6 is also available as a stand-alone purchase if you wish to buy it separately. The cost includes postage, shipped to any destination.


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