Equations of Power

by Dale Pendell

Equations of Power
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Published in 2013, Dale Pendell's Equations of Power forges poetry from the quanta of novelty, the fractal continua of language freed from the logic of Aristotle, yet embodied in a metaphysical — and protophysical — syntax. From Schrödinger in flagrante delicto to Maxwell's Demon in the boudoir, to Einstein hiding the opposite of relativity in German, Pendell explores the chambered mirrors of plant, mineral, animal, and protean in atomic metaphor and sinuous line, a poetry of calculus forged in fire.

By special arrangement, Three Hands Press is offering the final first edition copies of this essential work, as issued by Dale's own Exiled in America Press. Of this final stock, each unique exemplar is stamped with the author's personal petroglyphic device on the title page, the image itself a totem hand-carved in stone by the poet's own hand.

42 pages, softcover, color cover.


Sold Out

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