Thirteen Paths of Occult Herbalism

by Daniel Schulke

Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism


Daniel A. Schulke’s forthcoming work The Green Mysteries (Arcana Viridia), is an occult herbal 25 years in the making. Meticulously illustrated with over 250 original images by renowned artist Benjamin Vierling, its primary rubric is that of an original occult pharmacopeia written from the perspective of a contemporary magical herbalist. As a whole the book emerges principally from the discipline of Occult Herbalism, which encompasses the knowledge and use of the magical, spiritual, and folkloric dimensions of plants.

As a foundational treatise introducing this work, Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism speaks to its interior philosophical concerns. Circumscribing the metaparadigm of herbal magical practice, providing useful examples of its manifestation, as well as demonstrating its time-honored routes of inquiry, it examines the ways in which knoweldge of this type is acquired and put into practice. This perennial wisdom animates many global spiritual traditions, especially those that have maintained their integrity of transmission even in the face of industrial development and cultural destruction.

Often concealed within the deepest strata of the Western Esoteric Traditions, this green strand of wisdom, though obscured, is a potent legacy of all magic, sorcery, and occult science.  In addition to the hard sciences of botany, ethnology, agriculture and ethnopharmacology, a number of pathways can assist the magical herbalist in furthering the depth of understanding and integrity of personal approach.



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