Woodwose Homilies

by Daniel A. Schulke
Illustrations by Benjamin Vierling

Woodwose Homilies


The Woodwose or Wuduwasa is an Anglo-Saxon form of the archaic Wild-man, an enigmatic figure clad and masked in leaves. Bearing a leafing club or staff, he makes his appearance at the margins of wilderness and civilization, dream and waking, plant and human. Embodying aspects both noble and barbarous, both he and the Wild-women or Silvaticæ are the deified reservoirs of Nature-as-other.

Emerging as an ancillary text of Daniel A. Schulke’s forthcoming book The Green Mysteries, the chapbook Woodwose Homilies assumes the persona of the Wildman, putting forth a magical philosophy of empowered human-plant relation.

48 pages, small format softcover, with 6 original illustrations.



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