Three Hands Press is pleased to announce we have signed British artist-magician Amodali for her forthcoming book The Marks of Teth. The book, which concerns the mysteries of Babalon and sex magic from the perspective of a female adept, will be published in 2015, and formally announced early that year. Those acquainted with Amodali’s work through her acclaimed projects Mother Destruction and Liber Incarnadine will welcome this new work of magical literature, which also features her original artwork realised as an essential part of the ongoing manifestation of the Babalon current. Combined with Three Hands’ dedication to fine occult deisgn, this watershed book is the result of 25 years of dedication and practice in the continua of the work of the Scarlet Woman and the priestesshood of Babalon, a little-explored and much misunderstood pathway of modern occultism. Amoldali will be speaking about The Marks of Teth at the 6th annual Esoteric Book Conference, held in Seattle September 6 and 7. In a recent interview, Amodali recently spoke with our own Robert Fitzgerald, Patricia Cram, and Daniel A. Schulke about the arcana of this groundbreaking work.  READ INTERVIEW


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