We have just announced Penumbrae, our new Occult Fiction Anthology edited by Richard Gavin, Patricia Cram, and Daniel A. Schulke. Containing thirteen preternatural tales by writers as diverse as Kenneth Grant, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Andrew D. Chumbley, Michael Cisco and Don Webb. The book moves beyond the known categories of ‘weird fiction’ to encompass something greater, a state of embodied power rooted not in the devices of occult content or expression, but in the active state it conjures in the reader. Notably, among the present group of authors are many practitioners of varying esoteric magical traditions, whose lifelong perspective of the occult lends creative foison to this work.  Lee Morgan, one of the authors whose work appears inPenumbrae, discusses the particulars of this newly emergent genre in her essay “A Rational Derangement”. We are excited to bring these works forward to a wider audience of both literati and occult students and practitioners, crafted in the fine press tradition that Three Hands Press has become known for. Penumbrae will be released in April and pre-orders are now being accepted.

Three Hands Press welcomes witchcraft author Radomir Ristic, known for his articles in the UK quarterly The Cauldron and his book Balkan Trational Witchcraft. The focus of Radomir’s work lies in traditional folk magic, sorcery, and witchcraft of South-eastern Europe, and a new book will be forthcoming this year.


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