Plants of the Devil Book Launch with Corinne Boyer

Plants of the Devil Book Launch with Corinne Boyer
Three Hands Press is proud to announce the imminent release of Plants of the Devil by Corinne Boyer, slated to arrive and begin shipping on August 15th. This book examines how certain plants have accrued a sinister character over the duration of their interactions with humans, as exemplified through folklore, occult practices, and practical knowledge of respectful interaction with their darker natures. Corinne will be appearing at the book’s official launch at Mortlake & Company Gallery, Seattle, on August 24th, to sign copies and speak on the diabolic nature of certain herbs, and the idea of The Wild Adversary. Please join us for discussion and light refreshments, 7:00 – 9:00 PM. For further information, visit the events page at Mortlake & Company. Those not able to attend the book launch can still purchase the limited edition poster that will be at that event.


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