Salomonic Magical Arts

Salomonic Magical Arts

Coinciding with the Sun’s entry into Virgo, standard hardcover editions of Fredrik Eytzinger’s Salomonic Magical Arts have arrived. These began shipping to all pre-orders upon arrival. Deluxe and Special editions are several weeks away from release; we expect these to arrive at the Ides of September. Congratulations to Fredrik for the culmination of a painstaking process of translation of this old book of spells. The book will be publicly launched at this year’s Esoteric Book Conference, where Fredrik will give a presentation entitled “The Myth of the Swedish Book of Black Arts” after which a booksigning with the author will follow.

Deluxe editions of Joseph Uccello’s Occlith 0: Omniform have now shipped. We will be receiving the special leatherbound editions on September 3. We welcome Autumn with a busy production calendar: Peter Hamilton-Giles’ The Afflicted Mirror arrives September 20, followed by Daniel Schulke’s Idolatry Restor’d at the end of September.


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