Wisht Waters

Wisht Waters

Three Hands Press is delighted to announce two new names to our family of authors and artists. We welcome new author Gemma Gary, whose work on folk magic and witchcraft will be known to some of our readership. Gemma has contributed a new book to our Three Hands Press Occult Monographs.Wisht Waters, number 5 in the series, examines the body of magic, lore, and belief attached to the holy wells of the British Isles. She is also writing a longer stand-alone volume for release in 2014. A profuse illustrator, we are doubly blessed to have Gemma’s artwork appear in these volumes. More of Gemma’s work can be found at Troy Books.

Three Hands has also signed the artist Raven Ebner, whose Surreal Macabre images have appeared in a number of high-profile contexts, and may be found at her website deathvine.com. Raven’s art will be showcased in a forthcoming book treating certain disturbing themes of witchcraft, also slated for publication in 2014. Selected works have also been featured in the occult journal Clavis Volume 2, and will be exhibited at that book’s official book launch in Los Angeles, November 16. Congratulations and warm greetings to Raven, we look forward to working with you!


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