Publication of Wyrd Volume 5 and Other News

Publication of Wyrd Volume 5 and Other News

Wyrd Volume 5 (Summer Solstice, 2021) has been released, this issue focusing upon plant powers, lore and esotery. The journal features articles from Julian Vayne, Robert Fitzgerald, Rebecca Beyer and Daniel A. Schulke. We are also pleased to feature the final article by Radomir Ristic “Dangerous Plants and Their Uses in South Slavic Magic”. Featured art includes the work of Marzena Ablewska, Johnny Decker Miller, and Rebecca Beyer. The cover of volume 5 was created by Rachel Rosenkoetter, who created a suite of three images for the journal.

As is reflected on our Forthcoming Titles page, we continue to shepherd our two monumental titles The Green Mysteries and Witch-Ikon to press. Release dates have been adjusted to early autumn, with more announcements to come. As we prepare these titles for release, we will be continuing to release other works by Three Hands Press authors.

Auspices 10, featuring a new article by Corinne Boyer, will be released July 6. This short work, “A Dangerous Shadow” was written in advance of her forthcoming book for Three Hands Press The Witch’s Cabinet. It also features the original color artwork of Peter Köhler, who illustrated the book. The Witch’s Cabinet will be announced for pre-order in early August.


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